Sunday, February 28, 2010

Get Ready To Vote And Enter To Win A Prize--It's Free!

 The March polymer clay challenge entries for the Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy are in and voting starts March 1.  There are 31 entries so far as you can see from the photo here.  This challenge has stimulated the creative genius of quite a few artists and the variety of interpretations as well as the stunning level of expertise are quite impressive.  We have textures impressed into the clay, we have layers of clay, we have different consistencies of clay mixed together for a different surface result, there are carved pieces, herbal inclusions, and even ghost textures with mica shift technique.  The beautiful entries in this month's challenge will make it very difficult to select just three for which to vote as first, second and third place.  But vote we must!  And five lucky public voters will win a prize jsut for having voted.  So hurry on over to and cast your vote for the top first, second and third entries.  It is free, it is fun and you might get lucky!  The prizes are just as fabulous as they can be and will make some lucky winner really happy.  So, vote now!  You'll be glad you did.  Voting continues through March 7, so you have a little time but why wait?  If you go and vote now, you will know that you have done it, and nothing at the last minute can pop up to spoil your chances.    And lest we forget, I am posting the prizes that may be won once again:
So just do it!  Go vote now. 

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