Friday, February 5, 2010

Second Exploration with Faux Dichroic Techniques

I have ordered some new foil since I was having so much trouble with the foil for silkscreen getting it to transfer to raw polymer clay.  In the meantime, while I am waiting for the new foil, I decided to try all of the foil sheets just to see if any of them worked.  The purple, blue, silver and red foils will transfer to raw clay.  The gold--not so much and the multi-hued, not at all.  I thought maybe it was my technique and I wasn't holding my mouth right after the purple, blue, silver and red all worked, so I tried the multi-hued foil again and still, nada.

After getting the foil to transfer to the raw clay, I textured the sheets and cut out a heart with the purple foil and then a blue one with a different texture, the red with still another, and the silver with a fourth texture.  Then I decided that the pieces might be a little more interesting if I chopped up some of the scraps and mixed them back together into a patchwork.  I really liked the patchwork so I cut a heart shape out of that for a pendant. 

Then, it occurred to me that the ripple blade could be used to cut some of the hearts in half and then re-combine them.  It worked very well.  I haven't cured them yet, so the photos will have to come later, probably tomorrow.  I am posting the first two finished hearts here so that you can see how they turned out.  They are the heart with the purple textured foil and the patchwork textured foiled heart.  See what you think!

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