Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Texture Treasury--Touchy Feelie!

Voting for the March PCAGOE challenge ends at midnight tonight March 7 so get yourself over there and vote for your top three favorites and be entered to win a beautiful prize!  It's free!
So let's look at those entries and the fabulous artists who entered the competition this month.  There were actually 31 artists who entered and they are all worth talking about.

The first item in the above treasury is the lovely Leafy Textured Bangle by Lisa Rapp of HiGirls from Pennsylvania and here is a link to her shop and the bracelet.  Lisa started her handmade journey by making handcrafted bags because she likes hers better than any store bought ones that she can find.  Lisa loves polymer clay and its infinite possibilities and now uses a polymer creation as her trademark on her bags.

The second item in the above treasury is the Faux Granite and Lapis Trinity Necklace by MichellesArtJewelry and here is the link to her shop and the necklace:  Michelle has been working in polymer clay for ten years and combines precious metals, gemstones and polymer along with natural materials like bone and leather to produce one of a kind art jewelry creations.  She is now branching out into metal and precious metal clay and it will be fascinating to see the direction that this new artistic path opens up for her.

The third item in the treasury is the Picture Yourself In Spring Mirror by Angela of PolymerClayCreations and here is the link to her shop and the mirror:
Angela sells her work to finance her "polymer clay addiction" and she thanks everyone who conspires to keep her that way! :-)

The fourth item in the treasury is the Forest Fairy Autumn Choker by Sage of TheSageArts and here is the corresponding link to the choker and her shop:
Sage is an artist and a writer and she is proud to say that she makes a living doing what she loves!  Kudos to Sage and her journey!

The fifth piece in the treasury is It's Alive by Christi of RiverValleyDesign and here is the link to the the item and her shop:
Christi has gotten some recognition for her work and some of her necklaces were featured in the August issue of Polymer Cafe magazine.  In fact, one was on the front cover and the subject of the lead article!

The sixth item is An Antique Textured Bangle from Anatolia by ArzyMusa and here is the link to the bracelet and her shop:
Arzu Musa lives in Turkey and sells her creations around the world.  She believes that creative ideas are floating on the air and her goal is for someone somewhere to be happier than before because of her creations.

The seventh item is the Snake Skin Mica-Shift Bark Choker by Susan of 11BoldStreet and here is the link to the choker and her shop:
Susan has a solid foundation in structural and architectural design and is now a first place iwnner in the Bead Star annual contest.

The eighth design in the treasury is the Cactus Flower Pendant by M.E. of BeeTreebyMe and here is the corresponding link to the pendant and her shop:
M.E. has made beads out of everything and she even dreams about polymer clay!  Her flowers and fairies are quite unique and beautiful to look at and wear. 

The ninth featured item in the treasury is the Wooden Flower Pendant by Lorraine of Wired Orchid and here is the link to the pendant and her shop:
Lorraine is a graphic artist who is inspired by her lifestyle in Florida to create bright and fun pendants and beads which she then incorporates into jewelry pieces.

The tenth featured creation in the treasury is my Can-Can Lace Ruffle Garter Bangle and here is the link:  You can read all about the design process for this bangle in one of my prior blogs on this site--it really was quite a journey and I was very gratified to solve my art problems and find a way to create a ruffled bracelet in this medium.

The eleventh featured design in the treasury is the Springtime Picnic Necklace by Laura of Laurabee Studios and here is the link to the necklace and her shop:
Laura comes from a fiber art background and has also worked in glass before beginning her journey with polymer clay.  Both of these endeavors have influenced her very unique work in polymer.

The twelfth item in the treasury is the Faux Raku Picture Frame by Arlene of Ashpaints and here is the link to the frame and her shop:
Arlene has pursued her interest in art for over 30 years and polymer clay is her new passion.  Her artistic background informs her work in this new medium.

These are only twelve of the thirty-one artists and designs in the March challenge and you still have until midnight tonight, March 7, to vote on your favorite 3 so get to right now and vote!


  1. What a great mini review! Nice job. But I'm disappointed you had to stop! :)

    This truly is an amazing challenge - I don't think there will be one clear winner. Too much quality work is on display this month. I'm honored to be in such company!


  2. You are so pro at getting Treasuries, Janice. So glad you got one for the contest. Some day you need to teach me your secrets!

  3. Thanks, Vixen! My biggest secret for getting treasuries is to always start on my next Etsy Poster Sketch as soon as my current treasury is in place. I know my treasury will last 2 days, so on the second day, I start looking at the Treasury Clock page on and look to see how soon after my current treasury expires there will be an opening. Sometimes I can't do it if the opening occurs while I am at work, taking my Mom to the doctor, etc. I got lucky this time. I meant to wake up at 4:30 this morning and just couldn't do it, so this was my next best opportunity.