Monday, March 22, 2010

Today's Spotlight is on Sarah Berman of Creative Art Center

Tin for donation
Originally uploaded by Creative Art Center
Sarah Berman has a background in Graphic Design and as you can see from her tin that she designed for the June PCAGOE challenge and charity auction, she has quite a sense of humor. Just looking at this tin makes me smile! It is amazing to realize that this tin was not painted but created entirely from polymer clay which has been combined in such a way to create each of the design elements in the picture.

Sarah sells many of her one of a kind designs in her Etsy shop:
You really need to go and look at her brown mokume gane necklace, her mica shift ginkgo leaf items, her astonishing bracelet in gradations of gray with red roses, and her lovely intricate flower canework so that you can see for yourself what an accomplished polymer clay artist Sarah has become. Each of the techniques involved in each of these pieces takes hours of practice to perfect, and you will see that Sarah has truly "paid her dues" and consistently designs beautiful keepsake items that are sure to become someone's treasured heirloom.

For even more of Sarah's creations, be sure to visit her Flickr site
where you will see her klimt canes, lots of texture work, and some adorable sculpted ornaments. You will be amazed, as I was, at the wide range of techniques that Sarah commands.

I'll bet you'll find that you have more than one favorite when it comes to Sarah's work!

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