Monday, April 12, 2010

Latest Discovery on the Handmade Highway: Sheryl Westleigh of Noadi's Art

I found Sheryl on the Handmade Highway and really fell in love with her wonderful polymer clay sculpture jewelry which includes octopii, squid, baby turtles, cuttlefish, and even a kelpie!  Sheryl is inspired by her love of "fantasy, nature and cephalopods".  Sheryl has recently expanded her line of jewelry to include Steampunk pieces, and the Steampunk cephalopods are something to behold as you can see in the above photos!  Visit her blog at for some interesting and instructive videos on her jewelry construction techniques and some very nice articles on her creative process and life in general. Her jewelry is fun, imaginative, and always unique.  Sheryl doesn't take herself too seriously, either.  She recently celebrated her tongue in cheek victory at the Regretsy Awards with her sculpted rat!  You can read more about Sheryl on the Handmade Highway blog: and be sure to visit her Etsy Shop:

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