Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Green Man Cometh!

If I met one of these Green Men walking out of the woods some day, I am not sure exactly how I would react!  I love the image and one of the best surprises I ever got was the Ent man who was dressed as a real walking tree, towering over the rest of us at the 2005 Charlotte Renaissance Faire.  The Green Man is an ancient image, appearing in artifacts around the globe from India, Iraq, Lebanon, Jerusalem, Egypt, Tibet, Mexico, the British Isles, Germany, Iceland, and even in some of the ceramic tile work on one of the upper floors at the United States Capitol building!  Naturally, he doesn't look identical in all of these incarnations, but it is interesting to see that this concept developed independently in so many cultures in across time, mostly before there was a lot of intermingling of many of these groups.  He is a popular architectural image, appearing in churches from the 11th through the 20th century, as well as medieval manuscripts and stained glass, 19th century religious and secular buildings on both sides of the Atlantic in both the Gothic revival and Arts and Crafts styles, as well as neo-gothic architecture. The Green Man has been compared to many deities in many cultures, and I believe that J. R. R. Tolkien probably derived his Ents  in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (ancient magical tree men) from the Green Man.  I had to include some green men in my new fall product line, since it gives me the perfect opportunity to explore various leaf sculptures in fall colors and because I just happen to really like the image!  All of my Green Men are either pendants or brooches and they are suitable for gifts for men or women.  So turn over a new leaf and get a Green Man! 
These Green Men are made with a variety of surface treatments, including metallic foils, alcohol inks, mica powders, and embossing powders.  I am making them in a lot of different colors to mimic the changing leaves of Autumn.  I can see why the Green Man has been such a hit over the centuries.  He has certainly found a place in my heart.

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