Friday, April 2, 2010

The Time Has Come, The Time Is Now! Vote for Three Favorites--We Don't Care How!

OK, I am stealing badly from Dr. Seuss!  But I really mean it.  Do yourself a favor and get over to and vote for your three favorites before it's too late!  You owe it to yourself to get entered in the free prize drawing.  After all, somebody has to win it!  Why not you? 

While you are at it, visit the Etsy shops and artists represented in the April challenge.  There are some amazing artists using polymer clay as their medium, and you will really be amazed at their creations.  There are no two alike, and there are so many beautiful works to enjoy and purchase.  So take a look.

Entry #1 is a quilted flower from  Mary Ellen is a very talented sculptress.  Her sculpted flowers and fairies are fabulous, and now she is even making quilted flowers!  Too cool!

Entry #2 is a very intricately patterned piece from  It really does look like fabric and you will love her designs in her shop as well.

Entry #3 is a covered tin from  Claycenter has been doing a lot of covered tins lately, getting ready for our June challenge, I think.  Her entry in this challenge looks for all the world like it is covered in fabric. 

Entry #4 is a quilt and some buttons and thread--such a complete artistic idea! from  Don't you just love the texture of the buttons?

Entry #5 is a very textured bracelet with very bold geometric designs from  It is pretty amazing to see such an intricate texture combined with such bold shapes. 

Entry #6 is an incredible bracelet combining gauze and faux stone for an indescribably intriguing look by

Entry #7 is a very tribal fabric covered look in utensils and a tribute to the Longhorns by   Deb creates the most intricate and precise canes and her work always just amazes me.

Entry #8 is a beautiful piece made to look like a serape by  This looks so much like fabric that it is just difficult to believe it isn't fiber. 

Entry #9 is  a covered tin with ruffles!  It is so unbelievably cute and looks so soft and ruffly, who would ever guess it was clay?  Follow this link to see more of the artist's work:

Entry #10 is a brocade kimono look-alike.  It really is amazing that you can get this kind of surface effect with polymer clay!  Go visit this artist's shop at

Entry #11 is a gorgeous focal pendant with matching beads and a truly unique look that was inspired by a shirt belonging to the artist's father.  Go figure!  Be sure to check out her other creations at

Entry #12 is entitled "Butterflies in Flight" and it certainly is a great example of surface embellishment.  I am in awe of the effect this artist achieved on this piece and I am sure that you will feel the same way.  For more of her work, visit

Entry #13 is a gorgeous decorated egg just in time for Easter.  The artist has many beautiful pieces for sale at her Etsy shop:  In case you are interested, Mirame means "look at me" in Spanish, and if you are wearing her creations, people are sure to do just that!

Entry #14 is a beautiful bracelet inspired by Ikat, a traditional weaving technique.  Visit this artist's Etsy shop at

Entry #15 is a woven "fabric" structure bracelet and appears very architectural.  You can see more work by this artist at

Entry #16 is a sculptural piece entitled "pocket change" complete with jeans and pockets!  Don't you love this artist's sense of humor?  Visit his shop to see more of his work

Entry #17 is my entry--the Spring Fling Pinwheel Quilt Bib Necklace.  You can read about the creative process and the construction technique in one of my earlier blogs.  And of course, you can visit my Etsy shop at

So now that you have heard all about the entries, do yourself a favor and go vote for your three favorites.  Somebody has to win that prize drawing and it might as well be you!  :-)

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